DELIVERY SERVICE : The serenity of constant cold.

In France, we deliver  Chrono Fresh by Chronopost 24h / 48 hour, the service of optimal transport of fresh products in managed temperature. In case you would be absent during the delivery, your parcel will stay in the cool. You are totally assured by the state of preservation of your macaroons.

In Corsica and in Europe, we deliver in isothermal parcel to preserve the cold and so maintain an ideal temperature until the delivery.
Our packages limit at the most the temperature variations during the transport, and we send our products by UPS, allowing a delivery within 24 hours in 90 % of the destinations in Europe. They are our commitments to allow you to have a rough time in the best conditions

No delivery on saturday

Packaging and shipment costs:
– Metropolitan France, cost 8 €: delivery Fresh by Chrono Fresh
– Corsica, 22€: delivery in isothermal parcel, Chronopost before 1 pm
– European Union, 39€: delivery in isothermal parcel, UPS (in the morning according to destination)

The delivery always takes place subject to the availability. The sale contract is considered concluded from execution of the order by The Macaron Store, it will  be necessary to wait for the delivery of the goods so that it takes legal effect. Every our parcel are insured . Thank you for checking the parcel on receipt.

Secure PAYMENT: credit card Visa / MasterCard

Your personal information and payment are secured by a process of encryption (mode SSL). The information of payment is not stored and are transmitted secured to our partner of payment.
Your order will be validated and prepared only upon receipt of the payment. No payment can be accepted at the time of withdrawal or of the delivery.