Le labo

Just a few hours from Paris, in Auvergne, is the Montluçon laboratory, where macarons are prepared every day. This small cake consists of almond paste and a heart of butter or fruit cream.

The know how of Franck

The pastry chef Franck de Freitas motivates his team with passion. He pays particular attention to looking for each of the components of his creations. His craftsmanship ensures the freshness and quality of macarons.

The Macaron

The union of two almond-rich shells and creamy ganache offering a gourmet pleasure.

French-style custom manufacturing for your pleasure

Everything begins with the choice of almonds that are mixed with icing sugar: the macaronage.

The beautiful Italian meringue is created by expert hands. Natural colourants can be added

to give a touch of colour to the shell. After that, the mixture of almond powder and sugar is added to the meringue. Then the dough is ready and poured into a funnel.

The machine makes enables to obtain a precise calibration and to form even and identical shells. The dough is divided into small rounds on baking trays. Then it is necessary to tap the trays manually to spread the dough.

This is followed by a precisely calculated baking stage. After taking the tray out of the oven, one shell is taken, the filling is spread onto it, and then the other shell is taken to put on top of it.

In a laboratory room provided for this purpose, the most meticulous part of the manufacturing, the filling, is executed by hand with a pastry bag.

The ganache is made of natural fruit puree without added sugar or of natural products such as chocolate.

The macaroons are placed in a cold room. The next day they are packed in our boxes and prepared for delivery.